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Post-Apocalyptic Wonderland

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Unusually Fond of Ferns
9 February 1982
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  • Unseen University - Ankh-Morpork, England - Wiltshire, United Kingdom (1924 present)
I don't post friends only (with very rare exceptions). I don't like to. This journal is to share my thoughts and pictures publicly, and I won't ever handle it like a personal secret diary. If you want to add me, go ahead, I don't mind being added. I can't add everyone back, but not adding someone doesn't mean I dislike them or don't want to talk to them.

My flickr page

Things people have said about morfeusz:

  • One of the best things about Kai is that he thinks maggots are cute. I'm so relieved they have someone on their side, especially someone as great as him. minnaloushe

  • Morf is a magical, semi-otherworldly being! tzarohell

  • Likes horrid, horrid salted liquorice candy pogamahon

  • Like a true bio-vizier, he has experimented on plush bananas, bathroots and headaches, to great effect. zappo

  • ..has hair with an own defiant will! miravisu

  • A striped, often turquoise-haired creature with a flair for fashion. Also loves snails. faerionette

  • What you see is, and isn't, what you get. A person of many surprises and contradictions. Don't assume anything about him. jinxle

  • morfeusz is turquoise incarnate, and we wouldn't have him any other way. smu

  • Zu Kai fällt mir kein Tier ein. rattenmaus

  • ...a cute elf-like man (from Germany!) who has a knack at making fashion and other oddworldy things! phantombreeze

  • An iced coffee-drinking, salted licorice-eating, MantRaLand-ruling, bathroot-breeding, very creative, caring and trustworthy friend. nefra

  • Quite the creature sculpturer (ok that may not be a word). Owns the keys to many strange doors as well swoop_logg

  • Kai is the only one I know who likes Axolotles, which is great, as they are some of the bestest animals existing. leni_

  • Mysteriously and colourfully creative. madamcod

  • morfeusz ist ein kreativer, buntgestreifter, witziger Typ der auf jeden Fall öfter lacht als auf seinen Fotos teutonicgoddess

  • The rarest of creatures: a cool German. orinotta

  • Kai is gonna marry meeeeee! *dances around in a disgustingly happy manner* briseis

  • This potentially extraterrestrial clay critter breeder, burning t-shirt contest instigator and protector of all things squiggly and aquatic is under suspicion of planning to take over the world with an army of bathroots, but it'll probably be better off that way. cryptid

  • Kai has got style and a great attitude to go with it. hazelmoldia

  • morfeusz is stripe-a-riffic! darkvervain

I have a 'creativity journal': frozenfreemason, in which I post whatever my brain and hands decide to produce together. This one can be added by whoever wants, also, without notice in comment- or whatever-form.
Recently I got myself a banana-journal, plushbanana, because banana fans wanted it. This is not a euphemism for anything, it's exactly what it says. I post pictures of a toy banana, a yellow fuzzy object, there.

If you want to be really, really nice to me, you can donate some money so I can buy a button machine! Please?


I also more or less maintain/moderate a few communities:
paintedboots (I very much would love to see people join there, because it's not the most active of communities ever)

#lexx, 80ies, agavas, androgyny, anti-static, astrid lindgren, axolotls, baby shoggoths, bach, bathroots, beethoven, being crazy, belts, black furniture, blue festis (antifreeze), blue glass, blue hair, blue ice, books, boots, bri's fingers, broken hair, bubble wrap, buckles, buckminsterfullerene, burning t-shirt contests, cake, candles, carving stones, cats, chainmail, chocolate, chocolate milk, clocks, clockworks, costumes, cthulhu, digital cameras, djungle plants, douglas adams, drawing, fantasy, fimo, fishnet, flashcubes, freakiness, gemini, generally strange creatures, gloves, glue, goggles, green glass, green hair, hematite, hohlbein, ice coffee, interesting minds, irc, knas-torturing, lego, lexx, licorice skulls, lilapsophilia, lime chips, lizards, lösgodis, mad hair, mad scientists, magnets, mantrid, mario kart, measuring fever, meet the feebles, minced meat, mohawks, monamara, monster the cat, monsters, music, nag champa, nappos, neil gaiman, nick cave, nudibranchs, old cameras, orange candy, orange chocolate, out-off-time-things, patches, pictures, pink floyd, pirates, post-apocalypse, purple, purple hair, pyramids, quilla simplex, ramen noodles, rats, role-playing, safety pins, salted licorice, sculpy, sea horses, shades, silliness, silver claws, simon tragus, sitballs, small yogurt drinks, soy sauce, spiders, spikes, spirals, spongedisks, squids, steampunk, strange humour, stripes, surprises, tangerines, temple of oum, terry pratchett, the dark crystal, the moon, the purple plague, the twirly madwoman, the! mushroom, tim burton, tleilaxu, tolkien, top hats, torturing gummy bears, turquoise, turquoise hair, uv light, velvet, vittra, warlocks, weeping willows, weird movies, weirdness, white hair, wild forests, willow tress in general, wizards, wombats, zinc

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